Property Maintenance Tips: Outside

December, 2018

Property Maintenance Tips: Outside

This is a good time of year to check on the maintenance of your property if you are considering a Spring sale. See Pritchard & Company's top tips so that you are prepared for selling.

Outside the property

You should check the condition of your property at least once a year and especially after unusual storms. Routine decoration of the outside of the property will also give you an opportunity to closely examine the building.

  • Check chimney stacks, roof coverings, rainwater pipes and guttering for any signs of cracking and clear any debris
  • Main walls need checking for any cracks or uneven bulging, check rendering, decorated walls may need repainting, keep climbing plants in check
  • Once a year check windows and doors for any sign of rot in wood, cracks in plastic and rust in metal
  • In convervatories and porches keep glass clean and clear rainwater pipes and guttering, checking for any leaks when it rains
  • Regularly redecorate joinery, check and repair in cases of decay or rot
  • All repairs should be carried our by a qualified specialist

Gardens also need attention

  • Regularly prune trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Look out for any unsafe overhanging branches
  • Clear leaves and other debris, moss and algae growth
  • Ensure all hard surfaces are stable and level with no trip hazards or slippery surfaces

Offering a property in good condition eases the sales process and provides prospective buyers with more comfort.


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