Preparing Your Garden Ready For Sale

March, 2021

Preparing Your Garden Ready For Sale

It’s never too early to start thinking about how to prepare your garden in spring, so that it looks its best if you are considering selling your property. Gardens have grown in appeal with people benefitting from being outdoors and are now high on most people’s wish list when searching for a new property.

Bearing in mind you want the garden looking its best in the photographs of your property, here are our tips for preparing your garden in spring.

  • Mulch your borders – spread a thick layer of organic mulch (such as home made garden compost, well rotted manure or bagged mulch from the garden centre) which can trap moisture in the soil to feed plants when temperatures rise and they start growing, Mulch reduces light reaching weed seeds and adds to the quality of the soil.
  • Think about the first impression – maximise the appeal to potential buyers, add some pots of flowering spring bulbs or plants which can be easily sourced in your local garden centre to provide some colour. Early spring is the ideal time to plan ahead and order summer bulbs which will add brightness in a few months’ time. Lilies, gladioli and ranunculi, among others, can be ordered now and planted in spring.
  • Clean and tidy up – weed beds and cut back dead stems clearing the way for new growth. Sweep and pressure wash paths and areas of paving. Clear any clutter and tidy the shed for essential storage. Wash pots ready for use to prevent any diseases affecting new young plants. Clean and tidy your greenhouse.
  • Remove pests such as slugs and snails and aphids – these may be hibernating at the crown of your plants. Dispose of them to aid new growth.
  • Tackle small tasks – such as mending broken fences, fixing gates and trellis, ensuring paths are safe and secure and mend or clean tools. Clean and stain fence or gate timber to refresh the look of your garden.
  • Make the most of rainwater – use water butts to collect rain during the wet months which will be beneficial when the temperatures rises and plants get thirsty.

Preparing ahead and nurturing your garden as it comes back to life pays off, and you will be rewarded with healthy plants and flowers, giving your outdoor space more appeal. Keeping on top of garden maintenance will ensure that your property has maximum appeal for potential buyers.

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