Kitchen Garden Tips

May, 2020

Kitchen Garden Tips

There is nothing better than having herbs, salad leaves and other vegetables ready to pick just outside your back door in the summer months. Read our blog to find out the basic tips for a top kitchen garden. People are becoming increasingly keen on grow your own so even a small patch is likely to add appeal.

  • A few herbs outside your door or in a hanging basket are a great way to start
  • If starting from scratch the situation of the plot is the most important consideration in terms of the best light, access, and how much space you have
  • Prioritise what to grow and make a plan
  • Assess your soil, whether it is sandy or clay and dig in some compost to feed the soil
  • Sow seeds or buy plugs of what you want to grow, checking the suitable aspect, spacing and feeding/watering preferences of each plant
  • Sow some seeds now indoors or in a greenhouse, to plant out later, and once the soil warms up you can sow straight into the soil
  • For a more ambitious plot with a variety of salad leaves and vegetables, there are many books and websites to advise
  • You could grow mint and strawberries for your Pimms, new potatoes and chives to make a wonderful potato salad to go with barbecues and a wide range of salad ingredients
  • Mint tends to grow rapidly and become invasive, so it is advisable to grow it in a pot to prevent it spreading too much
  • Even a window cill can provide space and light for useful herbs such as parsley, chives and basil
  • Ensure the plot is well watered and also drains well (especially if you have pots)
  • Keep an eye on slugs and snails which could eat your crop before you do

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