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December, 2018

Follow Us on Social Media

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Pritchard & Company are proud to announce an enhanced social media presence.

Look out for ...

  • Details of new instructions;
  • Insights into the process of selling a house;
  • A taste of new properties to come;
  • Reasons to celebrate;
  • News on editorial coverage;
  • A taste of who we are, what we are about and what we do;
  • A look behind the scenes;
Look us up, follow us and use the links below to like and join our community on :
Instagram - inspiring images of our properties, an insight into who we are and how we work
Facebook - full of useful advice, links to our blog posts and information on our amazing properties
Twitter - keep up to date with our news with tips and trends
Pinterest - your go-to place for inspirational homes, interiors, gardens and details
Because we are an independent and focused company we are well positioned to be responsive and informative through our social media channels, adding an extra string to our bow. Given that social media works best when it is local, by targeting local we can effectively reach and interact with our target audience and attract new potential clients where they live.
You can also link with us on LinkedIn.

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