Focus On: Pond Maintenance

May, 2019

Focus On: Pond Maintenance

Ponds are a lovely addition to any garden and can create a calming retreat as well as a rich wildlife habitat. However, occasional cleaning and regular maintenance are required to prevent ponds becoming overgrown with plants and weeds and the water becoming unhealthy for fish and wildlife.

Here are some tips to looking after your pond throughout the summer.

  • Mid spring through to early summer is the best time to buy pond plants as the water is warming up and plants will respond by growing rapidly
  • Aim to keep around 50 percent of the surface free of vegetation by thinning out plants occasionally during the summer
  • Keep algae under control. Rake it away from the surface and remove any dead leaves
  • Check the filter regularly for leaks and clean if necessary
  • Warm water encourages the growth of parasites so during hot weather your pond will need some shade adding. Floating plants help keep water temperature down and fountains increase oxygen
  • Feed fish regularly to encourage growth, but don’t over feed as the left overs can contaminate the pond
  • Top up water levels regularly during hot periods to prevent any exposed pond lining from weathering. Less water can also reduce oxygen
  • Floating pond weed can cause problems, so remove when possible
  • Carp can uproot plants, while goldfish won’t harm pond plants in any way but they may need protection from herons, such as a heron reflector or decoy heron
  • Frogs can be a great asset to your pond by keeping insects at bay

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