Focus On: Lawn Maintenance

May, 2019

Focus On: Lawn Maintenance

As the weather warms up and our gardens burst into life with lush green growth, we turn our attention to lawned areas. Here is a brief guide to caring for and maintaining your lawns. For lawns to thrive they need good growing conditions. A healthy cared for lawn will overcome weeds, be more tolerant to drought and be able to resist diseases.

  • Mow grass when it's just over 0.5 inches higher than you want it. 
  • In spring, autumn or drought 1.25 inches is about right, in summer 1 inch
  • Re sow bare patches to keep the weeds out
  • In spring and summer leave the clippings on the lawn when you cut the grass, the worms will take them down into the lawn and they release up to a third of the nutrients lawns need
  • When the growing season is over remove the clippings from the lawn and add them to the compost heap
  • Dig out perennial weeds regularly before they take over
  • During the growing season keep the lawn fed by adding a thin sprinkling of compost (homemade is best)
  • Do not overfeed as this will produce too much lush growth and make the grass prone to disease
  • Once you have got the feeding and lawn care right you will have a lovely green, low maintenance lawn
  • During periods of prolonged drought your lawn will turn brown, but as soon as it rains it will be back to green
  • Patches of lawn under trees, in shade or in poor condition can be replaced with a special shade grass seed

If your house is on the market we advise keeping the garden looking tidy and the lawn neat. This will attract potential buyers. If you wish to put your house on the market, contact us for a free no obligation market appraisal of your property.

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