First Impressions Count

May, 2020

First Impressions Count

First impressions count and when it comes to selling your property, it is advisable to do what you can to enhance the exterior. Get your property looking as good as it can to give maximum appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

Many house hunters draw up a list of potential houses and do a drive-by in order to get a first impression of a property before arranging a viewing. So it is essential to attract their attention and entice them to want to commit to an inspection. Here are a few things you can do while in lockdown to prepare ahead for getting your property market ready and photogenic, giving it more kerb appeal.

  • Clear paths and stones of weeds and moss, pressure wash if necessary
  • Keep any front lawns neatly cut
  • Clean and re-touch or re-paint your front door
  • Add some attractive plants in pots. Small bay trees, olive trees or box balls look neat and tidy and give an ordered, elegant impression placed either side of the front door in a smart pot
  • Summer flowers in pots or window boxes add colour
  • Tidy the driveway and find a new storage place for any clutter, bikes and toys
  • Clean windows and clean or replace blinds/curtains which need freshening up
  • Remove clutter and personal items from window cills
  • Prune any shrubs and climbing plants
  • Check guttering is clean and tidy and repair any broken parts
  • Arrange for any roof tiles to be cleaned or replaced
  • Touch-up or renew any exterior paintwork
  • Fix the gate
  • Ensure exterior lighting works or upgrade your porch light
  • Clean, re-paint or replace the post box and fixtures

If you are thinking of selling your property when the situation allows, we are here to assist and advise. There is plenty of preparation which can be done during this time of staying at home. Having your property market ready will set you at an advantage once restrictions are lifted.

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