Autumn in the Garden

October, 2020

Autumn in the Garden

If you are planning on putting your property on the market in autumn, ensure you have your garden looking its best for the photography. First impressions are important and keeping your garden neat and tidy will add to your property’s appeal. Read on for some tips on autumn garden maintenance.

For properties about to go on the market there is still a chance to get your property photographed in the best light, despite the days getting darker earlier.

  • Regularly clear fallen leaves and dead foliage from pots, borders and lawns
  • Clip and trim shrubs and hedges, ready for them to overwinter
  • Spent compost from summer pots works well as mulch on flower beds
  • Dry seed heads which can make an attractive, natural display in a vase indoors
  • Continue deadheading, weeding and pruning
  • Pot up bulbs for a colourful spring display: plant tulips in full sun in the colour of your choice, shady corners will benefit from snowdrops in January/February, anemone and narcissi will provide colour in March/April, and bluebells in April/May. Pots can also be taken with you once your property is sold
  • Consider adding a winter flowering shrub to add interest, such as skimmia, viburnum or daphne
  • Feed and aerate your lawn, especially if used heavily during the summer

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