Autumn Gardens

October, 2022

Autumn Gardens

Autumn Gardens

Planting and gardening in general in autumn can be a wonderful, pleasurable time. With the heat of the summer months gone from the air, making it far more comfortable. The ground is moist and easier to dig. But most importantly, it is the best time to garden and work through the seasonal tasks. Efforts now will undoubtedly pay rewards when thinking of selling in springtime.

Spring gardens are grown in the autumn! It is an old favourite saying but one that carries much truth, there are lots of tasks both big and small that can be done to protect and prepare for spring during the colder months. If you give your garden time and care in the autumnal months you will reap the rewards in springtime.

Lawn Care

Although we may not spend as much time in the garden in autumn, starting your lawn care at this time is vital. This will ensure lush, green grass in the warmer months that isn’t patchy. Keep your lawn well fed and sow seed as well as clearing any fallen leaves away regularly.

Consider colour over the colder months

Now is the time to lift up any dig up any old summer annuals (plants that flower for just one season before dying) for compost and replace them with plants that will bloom in the autumn and winter such as viols, winter pansies, bellis and daises, wallflowers and cyclamens. These will add colour over the cooler months and keep your garden looking bright,

Bulbs are your best friends

Bulbs are one of our favourite quick and easy wins to add colour to the garden ) and a cheaper option than buying flowers in spring!) that can planted in autumn. Pls, they need very little maintenance until spring!

Make a bulb lasagne to create a successional display of gorgeous flowers through spring. Layer your bulbs in a container, with the biggest and latest flowering placed at the bottom. Follow with a layer of bulb fibre (compost specifically designed for growing bulbs), then medium bulbs. Continue the process until all bulbs are planted in order of size, and top with violas that are currently in bloom.

Camasias - September

Daffodils - September

Crocus -  September – October

Alliums - September – October

Winter Iris – September – October

Tulips – later in November

Keep wildlife in mind

Shrubs and berries will not only hold add bright reds and yellows to your garden over the winter but will also encourage birds to your garden as they will the fruit. The birds will then help you protect your plants by keeping caterpillars and aphids in check! Feeding shrubs with suitable feed will help keep them lush and looking full.

Mulch is your friend

Continue to weed and clear leaves from any borders and add mulch (products like bark that helps enrich soil) in a thick layer on top of your soil. This will help protect roots from winter cold and stop soil from being washed away as keeping weeds at bay and adding nutrients to the soil.

Add structure with shrubs

Plant evergreen shrubs in autumn to help brighten the garden when other plants go dormant. Fatsia japonica, Acuba japonica and Skimmia japonica are all fantastic options that can add structure and light with their large, glossy green leaves.

If you are looking to sell this autumn or in the spring of 2023 and wish to register with us, we would be pleased to hear from you with your specific requirements. Telephone 01608 801030 or email in the first instance.